XCML: A Runtime Representation for the Context Modelling Language

XCML: A Runtime Representation for the Context Modelling Language,10.1109/PERCOMW.2007.140,Ricky Robinson,Karen Henricksen,Jadwiga Indulska

XCML: A Runtime Representation for the Context Modelling Language   (Citations: 6)
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The Context Modelling Language (CML), derived from Object Role Modeling (ORM), is a powerful approach for capturing the pertinent object types and relationships be- tween those typesin context-awareapplications. Its support for data qualitymetrics, context histories and fact type clas- sifications make it an ideal design tool for context-aware systems. However, CML currently lacks a suitable rep- resentation for exchanging context models and instances in distributed systems. A runtime representation can be used by context-aware applications and supporting infras- tructure to exchange context information and models be- tween distributed components, and it can be used as the storage representation when relational database facilities are not present. This paper shows the benefits of using CML for modelling context as compared to commonly used RDF/OWL-based context models, shows that translations of CML to RDF or OWL are lossy, discusses existing tech- niques for serialising ORM models, and presents an alter- native XML-based representation for CML called XCML.
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