Using NVivo to Analyze Qualitative Data

Using NVivo to Analyze Qualitative Data,Anette M. DeNardo

Using NVivo to Analyze Qualitative Data   (Citations: 5)
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Analyzing data gathered by qualitative means-audio taped interviews, video taped focus groups, researcher field notes, and others-can be an overwhelming task. There are no established formulae for transforming the data into findings. The challenge of the process is to make sense of massive quantities of data. The process involves sifting through the data, filtering out the significant information, identifying patterns, and constructing a framework for communicating the essence of what is revealed. That process can be assisted by the use of computer software to facilitate the storage, coding, retrieval, comparison, and linking of that data. Software can ease the laborious task which would otherwise be performed manually. NVivo by Qualitative Solutions and Research Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia is one of the software packages designed for this purpose. The presenters discussed the use of NVivo in analyzing qualitative data collected in a research study.
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