Mixed-mode bending method for delamination testing

Mixed-mode bending method for delamination testing,10.2514/3.25204,Aiaa Journal,James R. Reeder,John R. Crews Jr

Mixed-mode bending method for delamination testing   (Citations: 132)
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A mixed—mode delamination test procedure was developed combining double cantilever beam (DCB) mode I loading and end-notch fixture (ENF) mode II loading on a split unidirectional laminate. By loading with a lever, a single applied load simultaneously produces mode I and mode II bending loads on the specimen. This mixed-mode bending (MMB) test was analyzed using both finite-element procedures and beam theory to calculate the mode I and mode II components of strain-energy release rate GI and GII, respectively. A wide range of GI/GII ratios can be produced by varying the load position on the lever. As the delamination extended, the GI/GII ratios varied by less than 5%. Beam theory equations agreed closely with the finite-element results and provide a basis for selection of GI/GII test ratios and a basis for computing the mode I and mode II components of measured delamination toughness. The MMB test was demonstrated using AS4/PEEK (APC2) unidirectional laminates. The MMB test introduced in this paper is rather simple and is believed to offer several advantages over most current mixed-mode test.
Journal: Aiaa Journal - AIAA J , vol. 28, no. 7, pp. 1270-1276, 1990
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