Fertility: The Role of Culture and Family Experience

Fertility: The Role of Culture and Family Experience,10.1162/jeea.2006.4.2-3.552,Journal of The European Economic Association,Raquel Fernández,Alessan

Fertility: The Role of Culture and Family Experience   (Citations: 44)
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This paper attempts to disentangle the direct effects of experience from those of culture in determining fertility. We use the GSS to examine the fertility of women born in the US but from different ethnic backgrounds. We take lagged values of the total fertility rate in the woman's country of ancestry as the cultural proxy and use the woman's number of siblings to capture her direct family experience. We find that both variables are significant determinants of fertility, even after controlling for several individual and family-level characteristics. (JEL: J13, J16, Z10) (c) 2006 by the European Economic Association.
Journal: Journal of The European Economic Association - J EUR ECON ASSOC , vol. 4, no. 2-3, pp. 552-561, 2006
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