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Does Attendance Matter? An Examination of Student Attitudes

Does Attendance Matter? An Examination of Student Attitudes,Peter Massingham,Tony Herrington

Does Attendance Matter? An Examination of Student Attitudes   (Citations: 3)
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Abstract Non attendance of lectures and tutorials appears to be a growing trend. The literature suggests many possible reasons,including,students’ changing lifestyle, attitudes, teaching and technology. This paper looks at the reasons for non attendance of students,in the,Faculty,of Commerce,at the University of Wollongong and identifies relationships between attendance, participation and performance. The results indicate that there are valid reasons for non attendance that are both in the control of learners and teachers. There are also clear benefits for students to be gained in attendance; however, changes in the way we learn, teach, assess and use technology are recommended if we wish to reverse the trend. Acknowledgement: The,authors,wish,to,thank
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    • ...Where low attendance is a problem, research has shown that the availability of WBLT is only a minor factor in contributing to students’ low attendance (Maag, 2006; Massingham & Herrington, 2006)...
    • ...The first reason - I was not able to attend, can, in part, be explained by timetabling issues and a range of lifestyle issues that have been identified in other studies (Massingham and Herrington, 2006) and were reiterated in the open-ended comments...

    Margot McNeillet al. Using web-based lecture technologies - advice from students

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