The ecological significance of manipulative parasites

The ecological significance of manipulative parasites,Thierry Lefevre,Camille Lebarbenchon,Michel Gauthier-Clerc,Dorothee Misse ´,Robert Poulin,Freder

The ecological significance of manipulative parasites   (Citations: 16)
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The diversity of ways in which host manipulation by parasites interferes with ecological and evolutionary processes governing biotic interactions has been recently documented, and indicates that manipulative parasites are full participants in the functioning of eco- systems. Phenotypic alterations in parasitised hosts modify host population ecology, apparent competition processes, food web structure and energy and nutrient flow between habitats, as well as favouring habitat creation. As is usually the case in ecology, these phenomena can be greatly amplified by a series of sec- ondary consequences (cascade effects). Here we review the ecological relevance of manipulative parasites in ecosystems and propose directions for further research. Ecology of ecosystems and parasites: a recent story
Published in 2008.
Cumulative Annual
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