Media Violence, Aggression, and Public Policy

Media Violence, Aggression, and Public Policy,Craig A. Anderson,Douglas A. Gentile

Media Violence, Aggression, and Public Policy   (Citations: 5)
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Published in 2008.
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    • ...(Anderson & Gentile, 2008) that there are at least four independent but important sources...
    • ...seldom occurs. As outlined by Anderson and Gentile (2008), there are several criteria that...

    Christopher P. Barlettet al. Violent Video Games and Public Policy

    • ...Repeated exposure to media violence is likely to have further deleterious effects, including greater fear, a hostile bias whereby others are seen as threatening and dangerous, greater hostility, desensitisation to further depictions of violence, beliefs normalising aggression and detailed and generalised scripts for aggressive behaviour (Anderson & Bushman, 2002a; Anderson & Gentile, 2008; Bushman & Huesmann, 2006; Donnerstein, ...

    Barbara Biggins. The Secretariat House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family,...

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