Television Dependence Diagnosis and Prevention

Television Dependence Diagnosis and Prevention,Robert Kubey

Television Dependence Diagnosis and Prevention   (Citations: 2)
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Abstract The,diagnostic criteria for substance dependence,used by psychologistsand psychiatrists are applied to known features of habitual television viewing behavior. The case is made that for some persons, television viewing habits may constitute psychological dependence. Methods aimed at controlling media habits are offered as is advice for those responsible for children. Consideration is also given to contemporary challenges posed by media violence, pornography, and computer and videogame,habits. A section on media education is included. Portions of this article were originally presented at the 98th annual meeting of American Psychological Association, Boston, August 1990. At that time, diagnostic criteria as covered in D.S.M.III-R (1987) were applied. Acknowledgements: I wish to thank Hartmut Mokros, Ph.D. and James Hutchinson, M.D., for their helpful suggestions on elements of this chapter.
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