Direct position determination of multiple radio signals

Direct position determination of multiple radio signals,10.1109/ICASSP.2004.1326199,Alon Amar,Anthony J. Weiss

Direct position determination of multiple radio signals   (Citations: 10)
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The most common methods for localization of radio signal emitters are based on measuring a specified parameter such as signal angle-of-arrival (AOA) or time-of-arrival (TOA). The measured parameters are then used to estimate the transmitter location. Since the measurements are done at each base station independently, without using the constraint that all AOA/TOA estimates must correspond to the same transmitter, they are sub-optimal. Moreover, if the number of array elements at each base station is M, the number of cochannel simultaneous transmitters that can be localized is M-1. We propose a technique that uses exactly the same data as the common AOA/TOA methods, but the position determination is direct. The proposed method can handle LM-1 cochannel simultaneous signals, using L base stations. Although there are many stray parameters, only a two-dimensional search is required for a planar geometry and a three-dimensional search for the general case. The technique exploits the principles of the MUSIC algorithm, and provides a natural solution to the measurements-sources association problem that is encountered in AOA/TOA based systems.
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