Z-99 Seismic Data Regularization with Anti-Leakage

Z-99 Seismic Data Regularization with Anti-Leakage,SHENG XU,DON PHAM

Z-99 Seismic Data Regularization with Anti-Leakage  
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In the theory of Fourier reconstruction from discrete seismic data, it aims to estimate the spatial frequency content on an irregularly sampled grid. After obtaining the Fourier coefficients, the data can be reconstructed on any desired grid. For this type of transform, difficulties arise from the non-orthogonality of the global basis functions on an irregular grid. As a consequence, energy from one Fourier coefficient leaks onto other coefficients. This well-known phenomenon is called "spectral leakage". In this paper, we present an algorithm, called anti-leakage Fourier transform, for seismic data reconstruction from an irregularly sampled grid to a regular grid that overcomes these difficulties. The key to resolving the spectral leakage is to reduce the leakages among Fourier coefficients in the original data before the calculation of subsequent components. We demonstrate the robustness and effectiveness of this technique with both synthetic and real data examples.
Published in 2004.
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