Ontogenetic growth: models and theory

Ontogenetic growth: models and theory,10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2003.09.037,Ecological Modelling,Anastassia M. Makarieva,Victor G. Gorshkov,Bai-Lian Li

Ontogenetic growth: models and theory   (Citations: 17)
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We re-analyze the assumptions underlying two recently proposed ontogenetic growth models [Nature 413 (2001) 628; Nature 417 (2002) 70] to find that the basic relations in which these models are grounded contradict the law of energy conservation. We demonstrate the failure of these models to predict and explain several important lines of empirical evidence, including (a) the organismal energy budget during embryonic development; (b) the human growth curve; (c) patterns of metabolic rate change during transition from embryonic to post-embryonic stages; and (d) differences between parameters of embryonic growth in different taxa. We show how a theoretical approach based on well-established ecological regularities explains the observations where the formal models fail. Within a broader context, we also discuss major principles of ontogenetic growth modeling studies in ecology, emphasizing the necessity of ecological theory to be based on assumptions that are testable and to be formulated in terms of variables and parameters that are measurable.
Journal: Ecological Modelling - ECOL MODEL , vol. 176, no. 1, pp. 15-26, 2004
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