Minimum weighted norm interpolation of seismic records

Minimum weighted norm interpolation of seismic records,10.1190/1.1836829,Geophysics,Bin Liu,Mauricio D. Sacchi

Minimum weighted norm interpolation of seismic records   (Citations: 26)
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In seismic data processing, we often need to interpo- late and extrapolate data at missing spatial locations. The reconstruction problem can be posed as an inverse prob- lem where, from inadequate and incomplete data, we at- tempt to reconstruct the seismic wavefield at locations where measurements were not acquired. We propose a wavefield reconstruction scheme for spatially band-limited signals. The method entails solv- ing an inverse problem where a wavenumber-domain regularization term is included. The regularization term constrains the solution to be spatially band-limited and imposes a prior spectral shape. The numerical algorithm is quite efficient since the method of conjugate gradients in conjunction with fast matrix-vector multiplications, implemented via the fast Fourier transform (FFT), is adopted. The algorithm can be used to perform multi- dimensional reconstruction in any spatial domain.
Journal: Geophysics , vol. 69, no. 6, 2004
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