SMILE System for 2D/3D DSMC Computations

SMILE System for 2D/3D DSMC Computations,M. S. Ivanov,A. V. Kashkovsky,S. F. Gimelshein,G. N. Markelov,A. A. Alexeenko,A. Bondar,G. A. Zhukova,S. B. N

SMILE System for 2D/3D DSMC Computations   (Citations: 1)
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This paper presents the software system SMILE for 2D/3D direct statistical simulation of rarefied flows. The system is designed for parallel computations on multiprocessor computers, is equipped by a user-friendly graphical interface, and includes sophisticated models of real gas effects. A generic description of the system structure and approaches implemented is given. Results illustrating the possibilities of the SMILE code are presented.
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