Keynes and the Welfare State

Keynes and the Welfare State,Maria Cristina Marcuzzo

Keynes and the Welfare State   (Citations: 2)
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Keynes's role in the foundation of the Welfare State has not been investigated in detail. The aim of this paper is to propose some further thoughts on the matter, focusing on two aspects in particular. The first is an assessment of Keynes's views vis-à-vis what we now understand by the Welfare State, the second a comparison between these views and those of Beveridge, the twin founding-father of the system, as they emerge in the exchange they had on the subject. As a sideline, it is also hoped to shed some light on the nature of their relations, from the years that saw them playing leading roles in shaping contemporary economics, respectively, at Cambridge and at the London School of Economics, to the time when their commitment to a high and stable level of unemployment and to spreading the benefits of higher standards of living widely found acceptance among the general public and was endorsed by the British government.
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