Mental disorders in a forensic sample of sexual offenders

Mental disorders in a forensic sample of sexual offenders,10.1016/j.eurpsy.2003.08.001,European Psychiatry,Anja Leue,Bernd Borchard,Jürgen Hoyer

Mental disorders in a forensic sample of sexual offenders   (Citations: 24)
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Objective. – The present study examined the prevalence of DSM IV axis I disorders and DSM IV personality disorders among sexual offenders in Forensic State Hospitals in Germany.Method. – Current and lifetime prevalence rates of mental disorders were investigated based on clinical structured interviews among sexual offenders (n = 55). Additionally, subgroups were analyzed on the basis of diagnostic research criteria, with 30 sexual offenders classified as paraphiliacs and 25 sexual offenders as having an impulse control disorder (without paraphilia).Results. – Anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and substance use disorders were common among sexual offenders, as were cluster B and cluster C personality disorders. While social phobia was most common among paraphilic sexual offenders, major depression was most prevalent in impulse control disordered sexual offenders.Conclusion. – The results replicate recent findings of high psychiatric morbidity in sexual offenders placed in forensic facilities. Furthermore, differential patterns of co-morbid mental disorders were found in paraphiliacs and impulse control disordered sexual offenders. With regard to an effective therapy and relapse prevention co-morbid mental disorders should be a greater focus in the assessment of subgroups of sexual offenders.
Journal: European Psychiatry - EUR PSYCHIAT , vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 123-130, 2004
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