Evaluation Criteria of New Product Development Process

Evaluation Criteria of New Product Development Process,Kung-Jeng Wang,Yun-Huei Lee

Evaluation Criteria of New Product Development Process  
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ABSTRACT New product development ,(NPD) is one of the most ,importance processes for firms to increase their profit and competitiveness. This study presents the results of a comparison study between Taiwan and Indonesia in the employment ,of evaluation criteria for NPD process. This study is guided ,by a ,stage-gate process to derive ,a structured ,NPD performance,evaluation framework. In this study we use ,20 evaluation criteria that are grouped into five dimensions, market-, financial-, product-, process-, and intuition-based measures. Based on a sample of 148 industrial firms, the findings of the study reveal that evaluation criteria under market-based dimensions are more ,stressed during the later phases of NPD gates. Financial-based criteria are appearing importantly during the business-analysis gate ,and ,product-based criteria are strongly higher than other evaluation dimensions in the product-testing gate. The results of the experiments present useful guidelines for R&D managers ,as measuring ,product development ,and employ appropriate evaluation dimensions ,for effectiveness and efficiency in NPD related decision making. Keywords: New product development, Evaluation criteria ,3 1. Introduction New product is a product bearing a new brand name, or a newly introduced item or line
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