YCoCg(-R) Color Space Conversion on the GPU

YCoCg(-R) Color Space Conversion on the GPU,Dieter Van Rijsselbergen,Rik Van de Walle

YCoCg(-R) Color Space Conversion on the GPU   (Citations: 1)
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Abstract—Recent years have seen a tremendous,evolution in the possi- bilities and performance,of processors on mainstream,graphics cards. Re- cent Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are highly programmable,and can be utilized for more,than just 3D graphics,and games. GPUs can func- tion as a coprocessor,for image filtering or even fluid and physics simula- tions. A large part of the video decoding process, among which, color space conversions and motion compensation, can be implemented on a GPU, thereby freeing the CPU from these processor intensive tasks. YCoCg and YCoCg-R are two new color spaces defined in the Fidelity Range Extensions of the H.264/AVC standard. In this paper, we describe the implementation of the color space transformation,for these color spaces on a GPU. We show that the conversion is executed in an accurate and lossless way where appli- cable. Furthermore, the GPU offers a significant speed-up compared to a CPU-only implementation. Keywords—FRExt, GPU, H.264/AVC, pixel shaders, YCoCg, YCoCg-R.
Published in 2005.
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    • ...By using the YCoCg colour space, rounding errors can be eliminated in which the luminance and chrominance samples are represented with two additional bits [18]...
    • ...The YCoCg can be easily converted from or to the RGB by the following equation [18]:...

    C. W. H. Ngauet al. Comparison of Colour Spaces for Visual Saliency

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