USIM based Authentication Test-bed For UMTS-WLAN Handover

USIM based Authentication Test-bed For UMTS-WLAN Handover,Hyeyeon Kwon,Kyung-yul Cheon,Kwang-hyun Roh

USIM based Authentication Test-bed For UMTS-WLAN Handover   (Citations: 5)
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Abstracts – In view of mutual complementary,feature of wide coverage and high data rate, the interworking between3G cellular network and WLAN is a global trend of wireless communications. In this paper, we analyze an authentication mechanism ,for 3GPP-WLAN seamless mobility by USIM- based authentication test-bed. In handover between heterogeneous networks, authentication is the ,main ,factor of handover ,delay. So authentication processing time should be firstly reduced. This paper describes an USIM- based EAP-AKA Test-bed implemented ,for handover in UMTS and WLAN interworking systems. For considering the fast re-authentication mechanism during handover, we show the analytic results of EAP-AKA processing in our test-bed. Index – UMTS-WLAN interworking, UMTS-WLAN handover, UMTS- WLAN authentication, UMTS-WLAN security
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    • ...Since we did not implement a test-bed to measure the actual delay times, we used the values found in [8] and [11] to compare LFR with the standard fast re-authentication protocol, as shown in Table...
    • Plugging these numbers into the test-bed results described in [11], we find Dauth(LFR) to be 305 ms comparing to 605 ms in the standard fast reauthentication protocol...

    Ali Al Shidhaniet al. Local fast re-authentication protocol for 3G-WLAN interworking archite...

    • ...Selection Block) for link layer triggering, a MIPv6 [6] client for supporting IP mobility to realize the service continuity, and a USIM emulator [7] for subscriber authentications...
    • ...The TE has a USIM emulator [7], which is a USIM substitute program with commercial potable memory like a USB memory, a CF (Compact Flash) memory, etc...

    Hyeyeon Kwonet al. Analysis of WLAN to UMTS Handover

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