What Do We Mean by "Scientific?

What Do We Mean by "Scientific?,HENRY H. BAUER

What Do We Mean by "Scientific?   (Citations: 1)
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Abstract-There exists no simple,and satisfactory definition of "science." Such terms as "scientific" are used for rhetorical effect rather than with de- scriptive accuracy. The virtues associated with science-reliability, for in- stance-stem from the functioning,of the scientific community. When a question is used as the title of a talk (Bauer, 198 l), it is a reasonable assumption,that the question is being put rhetorically: the speaker intends to provide the answer. But that is not exactly my intention here. I will say some- thing about answers that have been suggested: but I shall maintain that the question remains open. I shall argue that no answer exists that is both short and empirically accurate: and none that is consensually accepted among,those who discuss such matters. I shall also argue that the term "scientific" is itself
Published in 1987.
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    • ...Although Henry Bauer (Bauer, 1987) has warned us against cavalier use of the concepts "Science" and "Scientific," I will violate that wisdom imparted by my good friend, and venture this: let me claim for an idealistic moment that the foundation stone attitude of Science (allegedly) is objectivity, or suspension of judgment when one is not in possession of the relevant information...

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