Short term mating strategies and attraction to masculinity in point-light walkers

Short term mating strategies and attraction to masculinity in point-light walkers,10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2007.07.007,Evolution and Human Behavior,Megh

Short term mating strategies and attraction to masculinity in point-light walkers   (Citations: 10)
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pStrategic pluralism suggests that women engage in short-term sexual relationships when the benefits to doing so outweigh the costs. We investigated attraction to indicators of good genes (namely, masculinity as demonstrated by point-light walkers) in women varying in menstrual cycle status and sociosexual orientation. When women are fertile, they have the ability to gain genetic benefits from a male partner and should also be attracted to high levels of masculinity in men as a signal of genetic benefits. Sociosexual orientation is an individual difference that indicates openness to short-term mating and, thus, should influence aspects of mating strategy. Women with an unrestricted sociosexual orientation, as compared to women with a restricted sociosexual orientation, are more likely to engage in short-term relationships and obtain fewer nongenetic resources from their mates. Thus, they should place heavy emphasis on male masculinity as a sign of genetic benefits available from their mates. In this study, women indicated the walker most attractive to them on a constructed continuum of male and female point-light walkers. In Study 1, fertile women, as compared to nonfertile women, showed a greater attraction to masculinity. In Study 2, women demonstrated a strong positive relationship between sociosexuality and attraction to masculinity./p
Journal: Evolution and Human Behavior - EVOL HUM BEHAV , vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 65-69, 2008
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    • ...Other studies have revealed correlations between women's reported openness to short-term relationships and their preferences for masculine characteristics in men's voices, body shapes, and gaits (Jones, Boothroyd, Feinberg, & DeBruine, 2010; Provost et al, 2006; Provost, Troje, & Quinsey, 2008)...

    David A. Putset al. Sexual Selection on Human Faces and Voices

    • ...Romantic speed dating has helped to illuminate the impact of variables as diverse as race (Fisman, Sethi-Iyengar, Kamenica, & Simonson, 2008), attractiveness (Collins & Goyder, 2008) and even fertility (Provost, Troje, & Quinsey, 2008) on ultimate choices in group formation...

    Olav Muurlinket al. From romance to rocket science: speed dating in higher education

    • ...Provost, Troje, and Quinsey (2008) found by examining women’s preferences for variations in masculinity among point-light walkers (individuals that are visually represented as a 15-dot point-light motion display on a computer) that women using short-term mating strategies prefer more masculine gait and, therefore, genetic over parental contributions of mating partners more than women using long-term mating strategies—an expected result ...

    Vernon L. Quinsey. Coercive Paraphilic Disorder

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