Projects and Tools for a Mechatronic Curriculum

Projects and Tools for a Mechatronic Curriculum,Journal of Physics D-applied Physics,Amerongen van Job

Projects and Tools for a Mechatronic Curriculum   (Citations: 2)
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This paper describes the elements with a mechatronic character in the BSc curriculum of Electrical Engineering in the University of Twente as well as the Mechatronics MSc curriculum of this university. In the BSc program there is a complete semester with mechatronics related content, concluded by a mechatronic design project. During the lectures several results of the research of the group form the basis for teaching and for the tools that are used during the project. This includes 20-sim, a tool for port-based modeling and design of mechatronic systems and tools for automatic code generation. Therefore, a short overview of the related research activities is given as well. Keywords: mechatronics, education, modeling and simulation, control, embedded control systems
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