The Interplay of Routine and Decision Making in Act

The Interplay of Routine and Decision Making in Act,Peter Kesting

The Interplay of Routine and Decision Making in Act  
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What precisely is the relation between routine and decision making? What opportunities do agents have to affect routines by decision making - and how does routine affect decision making in return? In this paper we will address these questions by understanding both, routines as well as decision making, as integrated elements of a higher entity: economic act. In the first section of the paper, we introduce our action framework. Following we outline, how routine can be acquired and applied in the course of repetition. As a result, we argue that - although of structurally different nature - both, routine and decision making, belong to the cognitive processes that link purpose and operations in act. Furthermore, we argue that with increasing repetitions, routine gains an increasing potential to substitute decision making. Finally we turn to the question of what opportunities actors have to influence routines by deliberate planning and decision making and how the acquired routine affects deliberate planning and decision making in return. We show that act indeed has to be understood as an interplay of routinezed repetition and deliberate planning and decision making.
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