What Do We Know About Gay and Lesbian Couples?

What Do We Know About Gay and Lesbian Couples?,10.1111/j.0963-7214.2005.00375.x,Current Directions in Psychological Science,Lawrence A. Kurdek

What Do We Know About Gay and Lesbian Couples?   (Citations: 39)
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Research on gay and lesbian couples is highlighted with regard to household labor, conflict, satisfaction, perceived social support, stability, and the variables that predict relationship quality. Relative to partners from married heterosexual couples, partners from gay and lesbian couples tend to assign household labor more fairly, resolve conflict more constructively, experience similar levels of satisfaction, and perceive less support from family members but more support from friends. The limited data available indicate that gay and lesbian couples may be less stable than married heterosexual couples. The factors that predict relationship quality tend to be the same for gay, lesbian, and heterosexual married couples. Overall, research paints a positive picture of gay and lesbian couples and indicates that they tend to be more similar to than different from heterosexual couples.
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