432 A Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Data Delivery

432 A Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Data Delivery,Haggai Roitman,Avigdor Gal,Louiqa Raschid,Laura Bright

432 A Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Data Delivery   (Citations: 2)
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A variety of emerging wide area applications challenge existing techniques for data delivery to users and appli- cations accessing data from multiple autonomous servers. In this paper, we develop a framework for comparing pull based solutions and present dual optimization approaches. The first approach maximizes user utility while satisfying constraints on the usage of system resources. The second approach satisfies the utility of user profiles while minimiz- ing the usage of system resources. We present a static op- timal solution (SUP) for the latter approach and formally identify sufficient conditions for SUP to be optimal for both. A shortcoming of static solutions to pull-based delivery is that they cannot adapt to the dynamic behavior of wide area applications. Therefore, we present an adaptive algorithm (fbSUP) and show how it can incorporate feedback to im- prove user utility with only a moderate increase in resource utilization. Using real and synthetic data traces, we ana- lyze the behavior of SUP and fbSUP under various update models.
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    • ...Profile satisfaction ([15]) means that clients are guaranteed to get notifications according to their profiles...
    • ...In [15] we have formally defined the notion of profile satisfiability and cast it as an optimization problem...

    Haggai Roitman. Profile-Based Online Data Delivery

    • ...This module utilizes the SUP algorithm [9] and also its adaptive version, fbSUP, to minimize the monitoring tasks while maximizing client utility...
    • ...Our demonstration will illustrate the results of an optimal pull based monitoring algorithm SUP (Satisfying User Profiles) and its adaptive version, fbSUP; details are in [9]...

    Haggai Roitmanet al. ProMo - A Scalable and Efficient Framework for Online Data Delivery

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