Comparing Operating Systems Using Robustness Benchmarks

Comparing Operating Systems Using Robustness Benchmarks,10.1109/RELDIS.1997.632800,Philip J. Koopman Jr.,John Sung,Christopher P. Dingman,Daniel P. Si

Comparing Operating Systems Using Robustness Benchmarks   (Citations: 62)
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When creating mission-critical distributed systems using off-the-shelf components, it is important to assess the de- pendability of not only the hardware, but the software as well. This paper proposes a way to test operating system dependability. The concept of response regions is presented as a way to visualize erroneous system behavior and gain insight into failure mechanisms. A 5-point"CRASH" scale is defined for grading the severity of robustness vulnerabili- ties encountered. Test results from five operating systems are analyzed for robustness vulnerabilities, and exhibit a range of dependability. Robustness benchmarking com- parisons of this type may provide important information to both users and designers of off-the-shelf software for de- pendable systems.
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