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Types of gated communities

Types of gated communities,10.1068/b3165,Environment and Planning B-planning & Design,Jill Grant,Lindsey Mittelsteadt

Types of gated communities   (Citations: 28)
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In the last decade the planning literature has reflected growing interest in the topic of gated communities. To date, this relatively new field of research has generated limited theoretical development. Although recent literature has begun to elucidate the social and economic contexts that make gated enclaves a global phenomenon, few works offer an overview of the physical features of gated communities. The key source articulating a framework for understanding gated communities is Blakely and Snyder's, Fortress America. Although Blakely and Snyder provide detailed findings on the form of gated projects in the US context, they say little about gating elsewhere. This paper draws on a range of literature on gated enclaves to examine and augment the typology created by Blakely and Snyder. Building theory to explain the form and character of gated communities requires the consideration of a range of historical experiences and international differences in practice. Although classification alone does not constitute theory, it provides an important foundation for those seeking to generate premises and principles for further theoretical development. It also offers useful tools for case studies of practice.
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