A new method for fruits recognition system

A new method for fruits recognition system,10.1109/ICEEI.2009.5254804,Woo Chaw Seng,Seyed Hadi Mirisaee

A new method for fruits recognition system  
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Several fruit recognition techniques are developed based upon color and shape attributes. However, different fruit images may have similar or identical color and shape values. Hence, using color features and shape features analysis methods are still not robust and effective enough to identify and distinguish fruits images. A new fruit recognition system has been proposed, which combines three features analysis methods: color-based, shape-based and size-based in order to increase accuracy of recognition. The proposed method classifies and recognizes fruit images based on obtained feature values by using nearest neighbours classification. Consequently, our system shows the fruit name and a short description to user. The proposed fruit recognition system analysis classifies and identifies fruits successfully up to 90% accuracy. This system also serves as a useful tool in a variety of fields such as education, image retrieval and plantation science.
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