An Integrated Model of Multimedia Learning and Motivation

An Integrated Model of Multimedia Learning and Motivation,HERMANN ASTLEITNER,CHRISTIAN WIESNER

An Integrated Model of Multimedia Learning and Motivation   (Citations: 18)
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Evidence from multimedia research is far from being conclu- sive because of producing confounding effects or of neglect- ing parameters. Motivation plays a major role in this short- coming as traditional multimedia theory is mainly based on cognitive factors, widely ignoring the fact that motivation significantly influences learning resources. Within this arti- cle, several theoretical models are critically reviewed and an integrated model of multimedia learning and motivation is presented, which is based on current research in the field of educational psychology. The model can stimulate research, as it represents an expansion of the popular cognitive theory of multimedia learning from Mayer (2001). It integrates ad- ditional variables, such as mental resources management and motivational processing. The model can also provide instruc- tional designers with a summary of main factors that have to be considered when developing multimedia-based learning environments.
Published in 2004.
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