AAS Endurance: An autonomous acoustic sailboat for marine mammal research

AAS Endurance: An autonomous acoustic sailboat for marine mammal research,Holger Klinck,Roland Stelzer,Karim Jafarmadar,David K. Mellinger

AAS Endurance: An autonomous acoustic sailboat for marine mammal research   (Citations: 2)
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Abstract—This paper,presents,a,joint research,project,of the Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Science, Austria and Oregon State University, USA which is intended to be realised within the next three years. The aim,of the project is to develop an autonomous,sailboat for passive acoustic monitoring of marine,mammals,and,mitigation of human,impacts,on them. Performance,tests of the autonomous,acoustic,sailboat - AAS Endurance,- will include,an open,sea transect of at least one month,duration. The work,presented,here discusses shortcomings of current,ways,of acoustic,marine,mammal,monitoring,and outlines advantages of a robotic sailboat for this task, as well as problems,to be solved with this new,technology. Index Terms—autonomous sailboat, robotics, marine mam- mals, bioacoustics, passive acoustic survey, underwater acoustics, line transect
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    • ...The INNOC team from Austria [7] have built a 3.75m long boat, based upon a Laerling dinghy...
    • ...Stelzer et al. [7] note that adding a balanced rig to ASV Roboboat would allow for a reduction in power used by the sail actuator, while Frey [9] proposes modifying actuator duty cycles on Avalon and Blair [8] also suggests modifying actuator duty cycles and turning off the GPS and wind sensor in extreme cases...

    Colin Sauzeet al. Long term power management in sailing robots

    • ...This is even more problematic with the larger Microtransat boats, e.g., the Welsh Beagle B [11], the Swiss Avalon [5], the Portuguese FASt [1], or the Austrian Roboat [7]...

    Alexander Schlaeferet al. A New Class for Robotic Sailing: The Robotic Racing Micro Magic

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