Exploring 'Employee Satisfaction' as a Quality and Productivity Enhancement Tool for IT Sector of Pakistan

Exploring 'Employee Satisfaction' as a Quality and Productivity Enhancement Tool for IT Sector of Pakistan,HINA SOHRAB KIANI,OMAMA KHURSHID,ALI AHSAN,

Exploring 'Employee Satisfaction' as a Quality and Productivity Enhancement Tool for IT Sector of Pakistan  
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Purpose - This research addresses the factors concerning 'Employee Satisfaction' that impact quality of work done and productivity in software organization in Pakistan. The research reveals employee satisfaction as an integral factor for organizations in Pakistan for obtaining competitive advantages in terms of both quality and productivity. Employee satisfaction is an attribute pertinent to the workforce, which proves to be a valuable asset for the development of any sector. It is intended that findings of this research can be used to bring improvements in the work being done in the IT industry. This may serve as a valuable contribution in uplifting the IT economy of Pakistan. Methodology - This research focuses on the factors that cause employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Initially factors affecting employee satisfaction were identified from the literature review. After this the relationship of employee satisfaction with quality and productivity was analyzed for organizations in Pakistan. A questionnaire was used in order to collect necessary data. This questionnaire highlighted the factors that are source of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The questions used in the surveying tool, concerned general level of satisfaction of employees and the belief of top level managers and policy makers about the role of employee satisfaction on quality and productivity. It was ensured that questions were easy to understand, short and less time taking. The survey presented a range of options from 1 to 10 to employees for collecting their feedback. Lowest range depicted strong dissatisfaction and was given a '1' weight age. Whereas highest range depicted strong satisfaction corresponding and was given a '10' weight age. In addition to these questions having a range of options; general questions were also asked from employees in order to obtain understanding for their views. In order to carry out a meaningful, understandable and in-depth statistical analysis, questions were designed in a format that the response could then be easily translated into statistical figures for subsequent analysis. Findings - Ahsan, Sajid and Wasim (2008) quote:"Pakistan's IT industry is currently one of the top performers as compared to other industrial sectors within Pakistan (10). As per the findings of Ahsan (2008), despite the fact that Pakistan's IT industry is competitive, its true potential is yet to be unfolded. Ahsan (2008); states that Pakistan's so called competitive IT industry has to be in lined with the international performers (Particularly South Asian economies). A simple proof of this statement can be obtained from the fact that Pakistan's general economy is 1/5th of Indian economy. This must be true for IT sector of both the economies as well, which, unfortunately is not the case as because Pakistan's IT sector is currently 1/27th of the Indian IT Sector(10). Ahsan (2008) believes that partial reason of this unwanted difference may be revenue models, business practices and political situations of the two countries. Other than these Ahsan (2008) believes that several soft issues(11) are also responsible for this industrial difference. Out of the soft issues
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