Does Self-Discipline impact students' knowledge and learning?

Does Self-Discipline impact students' knowledge and learning?,Yue Gong,Dovan Rai,Joseph Beck,Neil T. Heffernan

Does Self-Discipline impact students' knowledge and learning?   (Citations: 2)
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In this study, we are interested to see the impact of self-discipline in students' knowledge and learning. Self-discipline can influence both learning rate as well as knowledge accumulation over time. We used Knowledge Tracing (KT) model to make inference about students' knowledge and learning based on their performance on an Intelligent Tutoring System. Based on a widely used survey questionnaire, we measured students' level of self-discipline. When we analyzed relation of students' self-discipline with their knowledge attributes, we found that incoming knowledge is significantly high among high self-discipline students but there is no consistent relationship of learning. Moreover, higher self-discipline students seemed more careful in their task that helped to improve their performance. Pre-test and post-test results also showed similar trend thus validating the KT model results.
Published in 2009.
Cumulative Annual
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