Point KENO V.a: A Continuous-energy Monte Carlo Code for Transport Applications

Point KENO V.a: A Continuous-energy Monte Carlo Code for Transport Applications,Michael E. Dunn,N. Maurice Greene,Lester M. Petrie

Point KENO V.a: A Continuous-energy Monte Carlo Code for Transport Applications   (Citations: 3)
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KENO V.a is a multigroup Monte Carlo code that solves the Boltzmann transport equation and is used extensively in the criticality safety community to calculate the effective multiplication factor of systems with fissionable material. In this work, a continuous-energy or pointwise version of KENO V.a has been developed by first designing a new continuous-energy cross-section format and then by developing the appropriate Monte Carlo transport procedures to sample the new cross-section format. In order to generate pointwise cross sections for a test library, a series of cross-section processing modules were developed and used to process 50 ENDF/B-VI Release 7 nuclides for the test library. Once the cross-section processing procedures were in place, a continuous-energy version of KENO V.a was developed and tested by calculating 46 test cases that include critical and calculational benchmark problems. The Point KENO-calculated results for the test problems are in agreement with calculated results obtained with the multigroup version of KENO V.a and MCNP4C. Based on the calculated results with the prototypic cross-section library, a continuous-energy version of the KENO V.a code has been successfully developed and demonstrated for modeling systems with fissionable material.
Published in 2004.
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    • ...An overview of the crosssection processing methods and radiation transport procedures for Point KENO has been published previously [3, 4]. Furthermore, details concerning the AMPX procedures for generating probability tables for Point KENO in the unresolved-resonance region have also been published previously [5]...
    • ...The results of the Point KENO criticality benchmark calculations are presented in References [3] and [4] and are not repeated in this paper...


    • ...At Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), continuous-energy versions of KENO V.a and KENO-VI have been developed, which remove the limitations inherent in the multigroup versions of these codes.[2] Previous publications have focused on the development and testing of a stand-alone pointwise version of KENO V.a.[2-4] The focus of this work is the development and testing of new versions of the CSAS and CSAS6 control modules in SCALE that read ...

    D. F. Hollenbachet al. Continuous-Energy Version of the SCALE Control Modules for Use with Co...

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