FHOJ: a new Java benchmark framework

FHOJ: a new Java benchmark framework,Dirk Jansen

FHOJ: a new Java benchmark framework  
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Abstract—There are some existing Java benchmarks, application benchmarks as well as micro benchmarks or mixture both of them, such as: Java Grande, Spec98, CaffeMark, HBech, etc. But none of them deal with behaviors of multi tasks operating systems. As a result, the achieved outputs are not satisfied for performance evaluation engineers. Behaviors of multi tasks operating systems are based on a schedule management,which is employed,in these systems. Different processes can have different priority to share the same resources. The time is measured by estimating from applications started to it is finished does not reflect the real time value which the system need for running those programs. New approach to this problem should be done. Having said that, in this paper we present a new Java benchmark, named FHOJ benchmark, which directly deals with multi tasks behaviors of a system. Our study shows that in some cases, results from FHOJ benchmark,are far more reliable in comparison with some existing Java benchmarks. Keywords—Java Virtual Machine, Java benchmark, FHOJ frame-
Published in 2009.
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