A Theoretical Framework for Effective Online Learning

A Theoretical Framework for Effective Online Learning,Sarah Teo,Jeremy B. Williams

A Theoretical Framework for Effective Online Learning  
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ABSTRACT A key, overarching goal for any committed educator is to ensure that the learner has a meaningful ,and ,memorable ,learning experience ,while ,achieving ,the desired learning outcomes. In this paper it is argued ,that in order ,to achieve such a goal, a strategy needs to be put in place that is capable of providing students with a fully integrated, all-encompassing learning environment. The reasoning, simply, is that learning will not necessarily emanate from one specific source and when it happens, it will occur through different means, for different people. One of the great strengths of the online learning space is that, harnessing,the ,power ,of the ,various ,information ,and ,communication technologies (ICTs), there is greater scope for catering for individual learning needs. With this in mind, the paper puts forward a framework that comprises a number of overlapping ‘sub-environments’ which, together, provide the scaffolding considered essential for the construction of a,truly holistic learning environment. To illustrate how,this framework,for effective online learning can beoperationalised, the authors refer to the case of Universitas 21 Global, an institution which offers completely online programs,to post-graduatestudents in more than 40 countries around the world.
Published in 2005.
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