Impact of Privatization on Economic Growth

Impact of Privatization on Economic Growth,Adnan Filipovic

Impact of Privatization on Economic Growth   (Citations: 6)
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This paper examines the relationship between growth and privatization from an incentives perspective. Privatization, a method of reallocating assets and functions from the public sector to the private sector, appears to be a factor that could play a serious role in the quest for growth.
Published in 2005.
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    • ...8 Goldberg and Klein (1997) also found that FDI in Latin America and Asia affected their trade flows with the industrialised countries (i...

    Rania Ihab Naguib. The effects of privatisation and Foreign Direct Investment on economic...

    • ...The economic growth literature suggests that a measure of government spending serves as a proxy for the level of political corruption in the country and for the negative impact of non-productive government expenditure and taxation (Cook and Uchida, 2003; Filipovic, 2005)...
    • ...The majority of previous studies employed cross-country growth regressions to examine the relationship between privatization and economic growth (Plane, 1997; Cook and Uchida, 2003; Barnett, 2000; Filipovic, 2005; and Adams, 2006)...
    • ...These findings are consistent with the results obtained by Plane (1997) and Barnett (2000) but contradit with the results of Filipovic (2005) and Cook and Uchida (2003)...

    Narjess Boubakriet al. Privatization Dynamics and Economic Growth

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