Neighborhoods of Southern California Children and Families

Neighborhoods of Southern California Children and Families,Ross D. Parke,Robin L. O'Neil

Neighborhoods of Southern California Children and Families   (Citations: 1)
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Middle childhood is a time when children move beyond the boundaries of family to explore the neighborhood, forge their own relationships with friends and neighbors, and have experiences independent of their parents. Depending on the character of the surrounding community, parents are more or less comfortable allowing unfettered exploration by their children. This article reports a study of families with 9- and 10- year-olds in an array of southern California neighborhoods, showing close links between parent perceptions of their neighborhoods, the rules they impose on their children, and the children's experiences and social skills. This article describes recent findings from a study of children in two southern California communities that illustrate how school-age children's activities and social development are supported or constrained by resources and problems in their neighborhoods. The study addresses four primary questions: (1) How similar are parents', children's, and objective raters' assessments of physical and social dimensions of family neighborhoods? (2) Are perceptions of neighborhood quality associated with limitations imposed on children's activities by parents? (3) Are children's experiences
Published in 1999.
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