Hipotiroidismo y embarazo: actualización clínica

Hipotiroidismo y embarazo: actualización clínica,José Juan Franco Casique

Hipotiroidismo y embarazo: actualización clínica  
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Hypothyroidism is not uncommon during pregnancy; the reported prevalence is almost 2% in the general population. This condition has been associated with miscarriages, preclampsia, placental abruptio, low birth weight, prematurity and stillbirth. But the most important adverse effects have been reported in children who are at high risk of impaired neurological development and mental retardation. Treatment with levothyroxine reduces the risk, so it should be initiated as soon as the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is made. Some women who are already taking levothyroxine before pregnancy need a higher dose during gestation. The dose must be adjusted to keep the thyrotropin level at 0.5-2.0 µU/mL and T4 free level at the upper third of the normal range. Patients should be evaluated every 6-8 weeks until delivery. The medical team in charge includes an endocrinologist, an obstetrician, a primary care physician and a pediatrician.
Published in 2005.
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