Picture Books: An Automated Story Generator

Picture Books: An Automated Story Generator,Arvin Jasper Hong,Candice Jean Solis,Joan Tiffany Siy,Ethel Ong

Picture Books: An Automated Story Generator  
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Picture Books generates stories for children age four to six based on a set of picture elements selected by the user, namely background, characters and objects. The system creates an abstract story representation of the theme for the given picture and uses NLG techniques to generate the sentences in the story. Manual evaluations on 15 generated stories were conducted to validate the correctness of their grammar and appropriateness of their content. The generated stories received an average score of 91.5% for grammar correctness and 88% for appropriateness of content. Automated evaluation was also performed by comparing the generated stories against reference stories, with the system receiving a low word error rate of 9.71% and a sentence error rate of 41.96%. The test results demonstrated that computers can generate stories from pictures, and the system's knowledge representation, using the combination of story pattern data structure and semantic ontology, is feasible and usable to all story generation systems regardless of the domain.
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