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Privacy: Personal Information, Threats, and Technologies

Privacy: Personal Information, Threats, and Technologies,Richard Beckwith,Scott Mainwaring

Privacy: Personal Information, Threats, and Technologies   (Citations: 2)
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The three primary thrusts of this paper are: first, that people do not think enough about their own privacy, in particular, they may not know enough about their privacy that they can really make informed decisions about sharing information; second, that technologies exist that can mitigate some of the problems associated with information sharing; and third, that services (in addition to technologies) might be a reasonable way to think about addressing the privacy problem.. 1. Why we can't get over it A cheap allusion to a well-known quote - "You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it." - is a good way to start a section on just how little people think of sharing data. This is, after all, a claim that we have allowed to slip away whatever privacy we might have had. More than that, this quote also suggests that whatever consequences might be attendant to this lack of privacy are not sufficient to demand a change. The research we'll report suggests that people think otherwise and that technologies exist to address the issue.
Published in 2009.
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