Vulnerability Testing of Software System Using Fault Injection

Vulnerability Testing of Software System Using Fault Injection,Wenliang Du,Aditya P. Mathur

Vulnerability Testing of Software System Using Fault Injection   (Citations: 10)
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We describe an approach for testing a software system for possible securi ty flaws. Traditionally, security testing is done using penetration analysis and formal methods. Based on the observation that most security flaws are triggered due to a flawed interaction with the envi ronment, we view the security testing problem as the problem of testing for the fault-tolerance prop erties of a software system. We consider each environment perturbation as a fault and the resulting security compromise a failure in the toleration of such faults. Our approach is based on the well known technique of fault-injection. Environment faults are injected into the system under test and system behavior observed. The failure to tolerate faults is an indicator of a potential security flaw in the syst em. An Environment-Application Interaction (EAI) fault model is proposed. EAI allows us to decide what faults to inject. Based on EAI, we present a security-flaw classification scheme. This scheme was used to classif y 142 security flaws in a vulnerability database. This classification revealed that of the security flaws in the database are covered by the EAI model.
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