A framework for opportunistic scheduling in wireless networks

A framework for opportunistic scheduling in wireless networks,10.1016/S1389-1286(02)00401-2,Computer Networks,Xin Liu,Edwin K. P. Chong,Ness B. Shroff

A framework for opportunistic scheduling in wireless networks   (Citations: 276)
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We present a method, called opportunistic scheduling, for exploiting the time- varying nature of the radio environment to increase the overall performance of the system under certain QoS/fairness requirements of users. We flrst introduce a general framework for opportunistic scheduling, and then identify three general categories of scheduling problems under this framework. We provide optimal solu- tions for each of these scheduling problems. All the proposed scheduling policies areimplementableon-line;weprovideparameterestimationalgorithmsandimple- mentation procedures for them. We also show how previous work by us and others directly flts into or is related to this framework. We demonstrate via simulation that opportunistic scheduling schemes result in signiflcant performance improve- ment compared with non-opportunistic alternatives.
Journal: Computer Networks - COMPUT NETW , vol. 41, no. 4, pp. 451-474, 2003
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