Facial reconstruction using 3-D computer graphics

Facial reconstruction using 3-D computer graphics,10.1016/S0379-0738(99)00026-2,Forensic Science International,P. Vanezis,M. Vanezis,G. McCombe,T. Nib

Facial reconstruction using 3-D computer graphics   (Citations: 37)
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Facial reconstruction using 3-D computer graphics is being used in our institute as a routine procedure in forensic cases as well as for skulls of historical and archaeological interest. Skull and facial data from living subjects is acquired using an optical laser scanning system. For the production of the reconstructed image, we employ facial reconstruction software which is constructed using the TCL/Tk scripting language, the latter making use of the C3D® system. The computer image may then be exported to enable the production of a solid model, employing, for example, stereolithography. The image can also be modified within an identikit system which allows the addition of facial features as appropriate.
Journal: Forensic Science International - FORENSIC SCI INT , vol. 108, no. 2, pp. 81-95, 2000
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