Grid-computing portals and security issues

Grid-computing portals and security issues,10.1016/S0743-7315(03)00100-X,Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing,Ali Raza Butt,Sumalatha Adabala

Grid-computing portals and security issues   (Citations: 26)
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Abstract Computational grids provide computing power by sharing resources across administrative domains. This sharing, coupled with the need to execute untrusted code from arbitrary users, introduces security hazards. Grid environments are built on top of platforms that control access to resources within a single administrative domain, at the granularity of a user. In wide-area multi- domain grid environments, the overhead of maintaining user accounts is prohibitive, and securing access to resources via user accountability is impractical. Typically, these issues are handled by implementingchecks that guarantee the safety of applications, so that they can run in shared user accounts. This work shows that safety checks—language-based, compile-time, link-time or load- time—currently,implemented,in most,grid environments,are either inadequate,or limit allowed grid users and applications. A survey of various grid systems is presented, highlighting the problems and limitations of current grid environments. A runtime process monitoring,technique is also proposed. The approach,allows setting-up an execution environment,that supports,the full legitimate use allowed by the security policy of a shared resource. For shell-based applications, performance measurements of the proposed scheme,show,up to 2:14 times less overheads,as compared,to the case where,all applications includingthe shell are monitored. r,2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. Keywords: Access control; Grid environments; Grid security; Distributed computing; UNIX access model; Virtual machines
Journal: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing - JPDC , vol. 63, no. 10, pp. 1006-1014, 2003
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