Summary of the characteristics of several "modern" programming languages

Summary of the characteristics of several "modern" programming languages,10.1145/988090.988095,Sigplan Notices,Frank DeRemer,Philip Levy,Steve Hanson,

Summary of the characteristics of several "modern" programming languages   (Citations: 5)
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Some characteristics of nine recently developed or historically significant languages are discussed. Abstraction capabilities of the languages are noted in particular. Some characteristics of the languages are displayed in tabular form and others are presented in a separate discussion for each language. A hash coded string table program is written in each language.This paper is the result of a class project of a graduate seminar in programming linguistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, led by Frank DeRemer
Journal: Sigplan Notices - SIGPLAN , vol. 14, no. 5, pp. 28-45, 1979
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    • ...We are facing a language culture which is welcoming such languages as ADA, ALPHARD, CLU, EUCLID,- GYPSY, MODULA, PASCAL and SMALLTALK (6,7)...
    • ...There is reason to believe that languages of this type are historically significant and will either be, or will be the basis of, languages which are the software development languages of the future (6)...

    Susan M. Merritt. On the importance of teaching PASCAL in the IS curriculum

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