Automatic Generation of Bid Phrases for Online Advertising

Automatic Generation of Bid Phrases for Online Advertising,Sujith Ravi,Andrei Broder,Evgeniy Gabrilovich,Vanja Josifovski,Sandeep Pandey,Bo Pang

Automatic Generation of Bid Phrases for Online Advertising  
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One of the most prevalent online advertising methods is tex- tual advertising. To produce a textual ad, an advertiser must craft a short creative (the text of the ad) linking to a landing page, which describes the product or service being promoted. Furthermore, the advertiser must associate the creative to a set of manually chosen bid phrases represent- ing those Web search queries that should trigger the ad. For eciency, given a landing page, the bid phrases are often chosen rst, and then for each bid phrase the creative is produced using a template. Nevertheless, an ad campaign (e.g., for a large retailer) might involve thousands of land- ing pages and tens or hundreds of thousands of bid phrases, hence the entire process is very laborious. Our study aims towards the automatic construction of on- line ad campaigns: given a landing page, we propose several algorithmic methods to generate bid phrases suitable for the given input. Such phrases must be both relevant (that is, re- ect the content of the page) and well-formed (that is, likely
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