Measuring the Reusability of Test Collections

Measuring the Reusability of Test Collections,Ben Carterette,Evgeniy Gabrilovich,Vanja Josifovski,Donald Metzler

Measuring the Reusability of Test Collections  
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While test collection construction is a time-consuming and expensive process, the true cost is amortized by reusing the collection over hundreds or thousands of experiments. Some of these experiments may involve systems that retrieve doc- uments not judged during the initial construction phase, and some of these systems may be \hard" to evaluate: depend- ing on which judgments are missing and which judged doc- uments were retrieved, the experimenter's condence in an evaluation could potentially be very low. We propose two methods for quantifying the reusability of a test collection for evaluating new systems. The proposed methods provide simple yet highly eective tests for determining whether an existing set of judgments is useful for evaluating a new sys- tem. Empirical evaluations using TREC datasets conrm the usefulness of our proposed reusability measures. In par- ticular, we show that our methods can reliably estimate con- dence intervals that are indicative of collection reusability.
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