Observational Evidence for Mode Coupling in the Chromospheric Network

Observational Evidence for Mode Coupling in the Chromospheric Network,10.1086/368304,Astrophysical Journal,R. T. James McAteer,Peter T. Gallagher,Davi

Observational Evidence for Mode Coupling in the Chromospheric Network   (Citations: 12)
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Oscillations in network bright points (NBPs) are studied at a variety of chromospheric heights. In particu- lar, the three-dimensional variation of NBP oscillations is studied using image segmentation and cross- correlation analysis between images taken in light of Ca ii K3 ,Hcore, Mg i b2, and Mg i b1 � 0: 4A ˚ . Wavelet analysis is used to isolate wave packets in time and to search for height-dependent time delays that result from upward- or downward-directed traveling waves. In each NBP studied, we find evidence for kink-mode waves (1.3, 1.9 mHz), traveling up through the chromosphere and coupling with sausage-mode waves (2.6, 3.8 mHz). This provides a means for depositing energy in the upper chromosphere. We also find evidence for other upward- and downward-propagating waves in the 1.3-4.6 mHz range. Some oscillations do not correspond to traveling waves, and we attribute these to waves generated in neighboring regions. Subject headings: MHD — Sun: chromosphere — Sun: magnetic fields — Sun: oscillations — Sun: photosphere On-line material: color figure
Journal: Astrophysical Journal - ASTROPHYS J , vol. 587, no. 2, pp. 806-817, 2003
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    • ...Slow waves are believed to arise: in sunspots, in the form of 3 min oscillations (Bogdan 2000); in kilogauss thin flux tubes (Roberts & Ulmschneider 1997) and network regions (McAteer et al. 2002, 2003; Hasan et al. 2003); in the footpoints of coronal loops (Berghmans & Clette 1999; Nightingale et al. 1999; De Moortel et al. 2000, 2002a–d; Robbrecht et al. 2001; Tsiklauri & Nakariakov 2001; King et al. 2003), where both 3 and 5 ...

    B. Roberts. Slow magnetohydrodynamic waves in the solar atmosphere

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