Role of Zonal Flow in Turbulent Transport Scalings

Role of Zonal Flow in Turbulent Transport Scalings,Zhihong Lin,T. S. Hahm,J. A. Krommes,W. W. Lee,J. Lewandowski,H. Mynick,H. Qin,G. Rewoldt,W. M. Tan

Role of Zonal Flow in Turbulent Transport Scalings   (Citations: 1)
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Transport scalings with respect to collisionality (nu_star) and device size (rho_star) are obtained from massively parallel gyrokinetic particle simulations of electrostatic toroidal ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) turbulence in the presence of zonal flows. Simulation results show that in weak turbulence regime ion thermal transport from electrostatic ITG turbulence depends on ion--ion collisions due to the neoclassical damping of self-generated zonal flows that regulate the turbulence. In strong turbulence regime, results from large-scale full torus simulations with device-size scans indicate that ITG transport can deviate from the gyro-Bohm scaling even with small scale fluctuation and isotropic spectra.
Published in 2000.
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