Modeling Advanced FET Technology in a Compact Model

Modeling Advanced FET Technology in a Compact Model,10.1109/TED.2005.881001,IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices,Mohan V. Dunga,Chung-Hsun Lin,Xuemei

Modeling Advanced FET Technology in a Compact Model   (Citations: 22)
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The need for meeting the expectations of continuing the enhancement of CMOS performance and density has inspired the introduction of new materials into the classical single-gate bulk MOSFET and the development of nonclassical multigate transistors at an accelerated rate. There is a strong need to understand and model the associated new physics and electrical behavior to ensure widespread very-large-scale-integration circuit applications of new technologies. This paper presents some of the efforts toward the modeling of new technologies for bulk MOSFETs and multigate transistors. A holistic model for mobility enhancement through process-induced stress and a dynamic behavior model for high-k transistors have been developed to capture some of the new effects and new materials in the bulk MOSFET. A new analytical model is also presented for the fundamentally new device structure-FinFET
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices - IEEE TRANS ELECTRON DEVICES , vol. 53, no. 9, pp. 1971-1978, 2006
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