Generalized communicating P systems

Generalized communicating P systems,Sergey Verlan,Francesco Bernardini,Marian Gheorghe,Maurice Margenstern

Generalized communicating P systems   (Citations: 2)
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a b s t r a c t This paper considers a generalization of various communication models based on the P system paradigm where two objects synchronously move across components. More precisely, the model uses blocks of four cells such that pairs of objects from two input cells travel together to target output cells. It is shown that the model introduced, based on interactions between blocks, is complete, being able to generate all recursively enumerable
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    • ...Moreover, it is clear that P systems of Definition 1 and other variants of membranes systems already considered in the literature (e.g., P systems with symport/antiport [8], generalised communicating P systems [10]) represent just particular cases of NC’s, hence NC’s are Turing complete...
    • ...Amongst the classes listed above, generalised communicating P systems [10] are the closest to NC’s by their way of synchronising cells and their contents; however, this is a communicative model where objects involved in the rules cannot be transformed, but they are jut moved from a cell to another one...

    Francesco Bernardiniet al. Producer/Consumer in Membrane Systems and Petri Nets

    • ...They are motivated by the observation made in [24] that basic forms of coupled transport like symport/antiport can be expressed in terms of two cells synchronizing on certain inputs in order to produce some outputs...
    • ...Moreover, as pointed out in [24], interaction rules of NC’s can express forms of cooperative communication other than symport/antiport or conditional uniport, and the computational power of these forms of communication is not yet fully understood...

    Francesco Bernardiniet al. Networks of Cells and Petri Nets

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